DUCK challenge at DebConf15

Thu 02 July 2015

New features in DUCK

Carnivore-* data

DUCK now uses carnivore-{names,email} tables from UDD, giving a nice list of packages grouped by Maintainer/Uploader names.

Domain grouping

A per-domain-listing is now also available here.

DUCK challenge at DebConf15

After announcing DUCK in mid-june 2012, the number of source packages with issues is still somewhat stable around 1700. After a recent update of the curl libs, i also managed to get rid of 200 false positives, caused by SSL-verification issues, as can be seen here.

To speed things up a bit and lower the number of broken links, i hereby propose the following challenge:

The first 99 persons who fix at least 1 broken URL and upload the fixed package before end of DebConf15 will get an awesome "200 OK" DUCK-branded lighter at DebConf15!

Lighter Army of Lighters

The challenge starts right now!

I will try hard to not forget anyone who fixes packages (note the s , but if you feel missed out, please contact me at DC15.

Also, please remember that this is not a valid excuse to NMU packages .